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Directorate General of Hydrocarbons
(Ministry of Petroleum & Natural Gas,Government of India)
Noida Address :- OIDB Bhawan, Plot No 2, Sector 73, Noida
Phone: 0120-2472000
Fax: 0120-2472049
Delhi Address :- Core-5, 6th Floor, Scope Complex
Lodhi Road, New Delhi-110003

Director General, DGH Shri S.C.L.DAS, IAS
Contact No: 91-120-2472001, 91-120-2472004
Fax: 91-120-2472009
E-Mail: dg[at]dghindia[dot]gov[dot]in
Additional Director General (Coordination) and FA&CAO Shri Rajdeep Singh, IA&AS
Contact No: 91-120-2472093
E-Mail: adgcoordination[at]dghindia[dot]gov[dot]in
Additional Director General (Exploration) Dr. C LAXMA REDDY
Contact No: 91-120-2472006
E-Mail: adgexploration[at]dghindia[dot]gov[dot]in
Additional Director General (Development) Dr. ANAND GUPTA
Contact No: 91-120-2472007
E-Mail: adgdevelopment[at]dghindia[dot]gov[dot]in
Chief Technical Officer to DG Shri GAUTAM SINHA
Contact No: 91-120-2472100
E-Mail: gautam[dot]sinha[at]dghindia[dot]gov[dot]in

Department Contact Details (DGH)

Department HOD & Contact Details
Administration & HR Shri Narendra Vashisht, ED (HR)
E-Mail: hodadmin[at]dghindia[dot]gov[dot]in
Contact No: 91-120-2472178
Alternate Energy (CBM, Shale Gas, Gas Hydrates) Shri Kuldeep Singh Sajwan, CGM(Geophysicist-S)
E-Mail: hodae[at]dghindia[dot]gov[dot]in
Contact No: 91-120-2472011
Audit Shri Ravinder Kumar, GM(F & A)
E-Mail: hodaudit[at]dghindia[dot]gov[dot]in
Contact No: 91-120-2472069
Contract Finance Shri Rupam Barua, GM(F &A)
E-Mail: hodcf[at]dghindia[dot]gov[dot]in
Contact No: 91-120-2472464
Discovered Small Field Ms. Tinku S. Nischal, CGM (Production)
E-Mail: hoddsf[at]dghindia[dot]gov[dot]in
Contact No: 91-120-2472094
Drilling Shri Deo Das Roy, GM(Drilling)
E-Mail: hoddrilling[at]dghindia[dot]gov[dot]in
Contact No: 91-120-2472197
Environment Ms. Debajani Bose, CGM(Chem.)
E-Mail: hodenvironment[at]dghindia[dot]gov[dot]in
Contact No: 91-120-2472023
Finance and Accounts Shri Satender Singh, DGM (F & A)
E-Mail: hodfinance[at]dghindia[dot]gov[dot]in
Contact No: 91-120-2472164
Geology & Geophysics Shri Ujjal Ghosh, Advisor(G&G)
E-Mail: hodgng[at]dghindia[dot]gov[dot]in
Contact No: 91-120-2472090
Geophysical Data Acquisition Shri Tem Pal Singh, CGM(Geophysics-S)
E-Mail: hodgda[at]dghindia[dot]gov[dot]in
Contact No: 91-120-2472409
Information Technology Shri T. Ravindran, ED (IT)
E-Mail: hodit[at]dghindia[dot]gov[dot]in
Contact No: 91-120-2472032
Essentiality Certificate and I/C Rajbhasha Shri Ujjwal Kumar, GM (Production)
E-Mail: hodecp[at]dghindia[dot]gov[dot]in
Contact No: 91-120-2472194
Legal Shri Inamul Islam, GM (Legal)
E-Mail: hodlegal[at]dghindia[dot]gov[dot]in
Contact No: 91-120-2472017
Petrophysics Shri K Murali, GM (Geophysics-Wells)
E-Mail: hodpetrophysics[at]dghindia[dot]gov[dot]in
Contact No: 91-120-2472040
Materials Management Shri Sanjeev Nanda, GM (MM)
E-Mail: mm[at]dghindia[dot]gov[dot]in
Fax No: 0120-4029410
Contact No: 91-120-2472020
National Data Repository Shri Asit Kumar, Advisor (Geophysics)
E-Mail: hodndr[at]dghindia[dot]gov[dot]in
Contact No: 91-120-2472578
Hydrocarbon Exploration Licensing Policy (HELP) Shri Ranajit Banerjee, Advisor (HELP)
E-Mail: hodhelp[at]dghindia[dot]gov[dot]in
Contact No: 91-120-2472155
NOC Monitoring, PEL/ML Shri Ahin Samajpati, CGM (Production)
E-Mail: hodnocm[at]dghindia[dot]gov[dot]in
Contact No: 91-120-2472416
Policy & Planning Cell Shri Ajay Kansal, GM (Production)
E-Mail: hodppc[at]dghindia[dot]gov[dot]in
Contact No: 91-120-2472031
Production Shri Manjeet Singh Katoch, CGM (Production)
E-Mail: hodproduction[at]dghindia[dot]gov[dot]in
Contact No: 91-120-2472067
Production Sharing Contract (PSC) HOD-Exploration PSC
Shri Rajeev Gadi, GGM (Production)

E-Mail: hodpsc[at]dghindia[dot]gov[dot]in
Contact No : 91-120-247209

Coordinators for ONGC operated blocks
1) Shri Kuldeep Singh Sajwan, CGM (Geophysics)
E-Mail: kulpeep[dot]sajwan[at]dghindia[dot]gov[dot]in
Contact No: 91-120-2472026

Coordinator for OIL operated blocks
2) Shri Vikas Chandra, GM (Geophysics)
E-Mail: vikash[dot]chandra[at]dghindia[dot]gov[dot]in
Contact No: 91-120-2472577

Coordinator for RIL operated blocks and other joint ventures operated blocks.
3) Shri Rajeev Mohan, GM (Geophysics-S)
E-Mail: rajeev[dot]mohan[at]dghindia[dot]gov[dot]in
Contact No: 91-120-2472191

Producing Fields Shri Rajendra Kumar, GGM (Reservoir)
E-Mail: hodpf[at]dghindia[dot]gov[dot]in
Contact No: 91-120-2472093

Coordinator for ONGC, Vedanta, Oilex, HDCPL, Focus and GeoEnpro blocks
1) Shri S. K. Singh, GM (Production)
E-Mail: ssingh[at]dghindia[dot]gov[dot]in
Contact No: 91-120-2472185

Coordinator for ONGC, BPRL, Sun, ACIL, Hardy and Niko blocks
2) Shri Sajid Kamal, GM (Production)
E-Mail: sajid[dot]kamal[at]dghindia[dot]gov[dot]in
Contact No: 91-120-2472563

Coordinator for ONGC, JTI, GSPC, Sun, JOGPL and Mercator blocks
3) Shri Tapash Kumar Purkayastha, GM (Production)
E-Mail: tkpurkayastha[at]dghindia[dot]gov[dot]in
Contact No: 91-120-2472166

Coordinator for RIL, BG and GNRL blocks
4) Shri Sudhir Kumar, GM (Production)
E-Mail: sudhir[dot]kumar[at]dghindia[dot]gov[dot]in
Contact No: 91-120-2472137

Coordinator for Selan, HOEC and Essar blocks
5) Shri Abhay Sharma, GM (Chemistry)
E-Mail: abhay[dot]sharma[at]dghindia[dot]gov[dot]in
Contact No: 91-120-2472129

Reservoir Shri K. K. Jha, Advisor (Reservoir)
E-Mail: hodreservoir[at]dghindia[dot]gov[dot]in
Contact No: 91-120-2472417
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